Safer Internet Day 2021

In occasione del “Safer Internet Day”, il 9 febbraio 2021,  all'interno del Progetto educazione alla legalità, si organizza un incontro sulle tematiche del cyberbullismo, dalle 10.00 alle 11.15.

Il Servizio Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni ha organizzato un evento multimediale in diretta

streaming nell’ambito del progetto #cuoriconnessi.

Durante l’incontro interverranno anche i vertici della Polizia di Stato e della pubblica

amministrazione e saranno trasmessi due docufilm.

All’evento, trasmesso online, si accede attraverso il link

Partecipano all'incontro le seguenti classi: 



La 1CCOM ha anche partecipato alla compilazione di un questionario all'interno del progetto eTwinning “Socializing with Covid” .

Il questionario è un momento di riflessione per gli alunni riguardo alle tematiche connesse all'uso

responsabile di internet. Inoltre essendo in inglese, il questionario ha dato modo agli alunni di approfondire

la tematica in L2.


Online Safety Survey
This survey is intended for “Socializing with Covid” eTwinning project partners to understand children’s Internet use with the purpose to contribute to better child protection policies in the online/offline areas. All information obtained will remain strictly confidential.
Are you?
Female                  Male
How old are you? 
11- 12       13-14       15-16          17-18
What country are you from? Please fill in below.
Your answer
Your school name  
Do you live in a ?
In your home, do you have access to electricity?
Yes, always
How often do you go online? 
How much time do you spend online each day?
1-5 hours 
Less then 1 hour 
Don't have regular access
How do you access the internet? (Please tick all that you own)
Own computer/desktop at home
Own laptop
Do your parents or guardians have rules about your Internet use? 
Yes, my parents have time limits
If your prents/guardians have rules, how do you feel about this?
It's okay, I get plenty of time online 
It annoys me, I would like to spend more time online 
It annoys me, it makes me feel they don't trust me
Would you like to talk about the Internet more with your parents/guardians? 
Which of the following statements do you agree with about the Internet?
I use it for schoolwork 
I use it for entertainment 
I use it for news 
I use it to talk to friends 
It sometimes affects my life negatively
Which of the following products and services do you regularly use (i.e. on a daily or weekly basis)? (Please choose all that apply.)
Yahoo messenger 
AOL Messenger
Yahoo! Mail 
Second Life
Xbox Live 
PS3 Online
Online games 
Chat sites 
Thinking about last week. Do you think that the internet affected you in any of these ways?
                                                      Not at all    Once in the week   More than once in the week   Every day
Helped you to relax 
Stopped you from feeling bored
Stopped you from feeling lonely 
Left you feeling edgy and nervous 
Left you feeling depressed
Caused arguments or difficulties with parents 
Caused arguments or difficulties with friends 
Left you feeling angry 
Kept you awake at night 
Do you feel safe online? Please choose the statement that best applies to you.
Yes, I never come across any threats or nuisances
Yes, I feel I can handle any threats or nuisances that come my way 
Sometimes, although I have heard of people having bad experiences that make me more aware of the dangers
What do you think is the biggest threat to you when you go online? (Please choose all that apply.)
Bullying or harassment by friends or acquaintances 
Unwanted sexual approaches in a chat room,social networking site or on email 
Coming across sexual images or content 
Being sent sexual images or content 
Someone using my photos in an inappropriate way 
Someone taking unwanted photos of me and circulating them 
Threats in the place/environment where I access the Internet (school, club, Internet cafe, etc.)  
If you would feel threatened - who would you turn to for help? (Please choose all that apply.) 
A friend
My teacher 
The police 
Religious/traditional/community leader
If you had a friend who was at risk - what action would you take? (Please choose all that apply.)
Talk to my friend 
Persuade my friend to get help 
Talk to my teacher 
Talk to my parent/guardian 
Talk to religiious/traditional/community leader 
Report to a call center/hotline 
Report to the Police 
Have you experienced any of the following online? (Please choose all that apply.)
Pressure from friends to do things online I did not want to do 
Bullying or harassment by friends or acquaintances 
Unwanted sexual approaches in a chat room, social networking site or on email 
Coming accross sexual images or content 
Being sent sexual images or content  
Someone using my photos in an inappropriate way
None of these
How many times have you?
                                                                                             0     1     2-5     5-10    More than 10 times
Added a stranger to Instant Messenger contacts list 
Added a stranger to a Social Networking friends list 
Spoken on the phone to someone you met online 
Met in person with someone you have met only online 
Talked (chat or phone) about sex with someone you met online 
If you have experienced any of the above, in which specific application/site did it occur?
Have you ever shared the following information with a stranger online?
                                                               If I've met them face to face              If I've met them online
Email Address 
Home Address 
Home phone number 
Mobile phone number 
Where I go to school  
Where I go after school 
Photos of myself
Report abuse buttons
Social networking sites privacy settings
They are good and play a big part in making me feel safer online
I don't think most of them are that effective in protecting young people
I don't know - I'm not aware of any proection measures in place 
Do you think the government and organisations are listening to young people about safety issues they face online?
Sometimes, but I think they could listen more to what young people have to say 
No, I don't feel young people get enough of a say about the issues that affect them online 
Don't know
If yes, how do you think they listen? If no, how would you want them to listen?
Which actions do you recommend that governments should take to make the internet safer? Please choose all that apply.
Restrict access to certain internet sites and control and monitor to avoid misuse and abuse 
Establish call centers to receive reports in both emergency and non-emergency 
Training programmes for parents/guardians, teachers and school staff in how social networking sites operate 
Education programmes for children on the consequences of their Internet use 
Posters and messages about keeping safe online 
Posters and messages about mobile phone safety 
Talking more to children and young people about e-safety 
More information about e-safety for parents 
Everyone who works with children and young people should know about e-safety 
Training young people to teach other children about e-safety
As a girl/boy are there any specific issues you would like to share?
THANK YOU for taking the time to participate in this survey!